Affirming its commitment to promoting sustainable development in Galicia, RIA has established its base in the centre of Santiago de Compostela. The historic building on Calle Virxe da Cerca provides a space for the exchange of ideas, discussion, and multi-disciplinary research.

Casa RIA hosts a public programme of events, talks, conferences and exhibitions related to the work of Fundación RIA, including urban planning, sustainable territorial management and design culture.

The former sanatorium building, which has been restored and transformed by David Chipperfield Architects Santiago, provides educational and accommodation facilities to support research residencies for up to 20 researchers or students in collaboration with world-leading academic institutions. The building further comprises the offices of David Chipperfield Architects Santiago, whose activity and resources support the work of Fundación RIA.

To foster the development of the community, Casa RIA also offers its exhibition and conference spaces to the promotion of communal initiatives, as a showcase for Galician activities and a platform for disseminating local knowledge.


Casa RIA offers complete research residencies and co-working packages at its facilities in Santiago de Compostela, offering many possibilities for collaborations with universities, research centres and other academic institutions.

RIA promotes a range of educational and research programmes to foster the exchange of knowledge, offering its own research with contributions from local representatives, practitioners and academics through conferences, working sessions, interviews and visits.

Educational programme thoroughly curated by RIA with a focus on a specific topic, location or methodology, bringing students closer to the profession and enabling them to experience the reality of a specific context.

Research stays
Programme conducted by RIA in close collaboration with an academic institution, in which the planned activities and working sessions are tailored to the topics of interest of the institution and its academic curriculum. There is a minimum stay of one week, which can be extended upon agreement with Casa RIA.

Collaboration programmes with individual researchers or small groups who develop part of their research or area of interest through independent work in connection with the foundation. During their stay, RIA will provide researchers with access to information and contacts with stakeholders, and will also organise personalised activities such as visits, meetings, conferences and exhibitions. Depending on the contribution of the research to the foundation’s objectives, it will be possible to obtain a partial or full grant.

For further information on our research and educational programmes, please contact info@fundacionria.org

A Cantina

A Cantina is the gastronomic space that supports Casa RIA’s public programme, and emphasises the central role that food plays in the foundation’s vision of the sustainable development of the territory.

In charge of the project is Iago Pazos, who for more than a decade has been in charge of several gastronomic spaces in Santiago closely linked to the city market and its local fabric.

Taking advantage of the privileged location of Casa RIA, just a few metres from the Santiago market square, A Cantina focuses its offer on local and seasonal products. Under the basic premise of market cuisine, it proposes a dialogue with the guests, making them participants and aware of where the food comes from and how it is produced.

With the aim of fostering its link with the territory and generating wealth with the immediate environment, the space draws a conscious map of people who lead projects with roots and supply the canteen, showing the proximity of the products through their mileage.

In line with the principles of the foundation, A Cantina becomes an infrastructure to develop projects in connection with the community and the territory, in which food is approached in a cultured way and understood as a process of respect and sustainability. With a contemporary outlook, the space is faithful to traditional cuisine and pays special attention to respecting and promoting the recipes and knowledge of Galician gastronomy. It is also, therefore, a project of documentation, research, criticism and reflection.

A Cantina is open during the opening hours of our exhibition space: Mon – Sat, from 10 am to 5 pm

Further information in its Instagram or through acantina@casaria.org