The MOP Foundation (Marta Ortega Pérez Foundation) will financially support the activity of the Fundación RIA, to promote architectural and urban planning projects aligned with the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the territory.

Since its creation in 2017, Fundación RIA has been developing projects in the fields of rehabilitation of urban centres; sustainable mobility and improvement of public space; integration of infrastructures, port areas and industrial estates; heritage, social and economic recovery of rural areas and the planning of new public facilities.

Thanks to funding from the MOP Foundation, RIA has launched a new line of action with which it will support different public administrations in the process of analysis, design, planning and execution of projects. The aim is to consolidate in Galicia a culture of architecture and design based on criteria of sustainability and efficiency and which increases the quality of living spaces.

Specifically, two main actions are being developed: advice on public tenders and training workshops with students of architecture and other disciplines to strengthen their roles beyond design.

The first competition, concerning the creation of a multi-purpose social centre in the model village of Muimenta, in Carballeda de Avia (Ourense), will be held in the summer. Two more will follow later this year: one focusing on the comprehensive planning of urban transformations and mobility in A Pobra do Caramiñal (A Coruña) and the other on the design of a new business park model in Porto do Son (A Coruña). All these projects aim to enhance the identity of each site and serve as an example for future interventions in other locations.

Also in 2024, a workshop will be held with students to study and reflect on the peripheral residential neighbourhoods of Santiago de Compostela.