The Xunta de Galicia approves the humanization project of the Palmeira crossing

31 May 2023

The Xunta de Galicia approved last week the project of humanization of the Palmeira crossing, in the municipality of Ribeira, which will integrate this section of the AC-305 into the village and restore its human character. This intervention is part of the project “From road to street”, in which Fundación RIA has been involved since 2018 and which aims to reverse the impact of traffic in our towns and generate safer and more attractive environments.

After being commissioned by the Galician Infrastructure Agency (AXI) in 2018, Fundación RIA developed a study for the integration of the AC-305 road in the village of Palmeira. This road infrastructure runs along the coast along the northern shore of the Ria de Arousa and, built from the logic of traffic flow, caused the distancing of social activities and the degradation of the local commercial fabric.

Based on the analysis and field work carried out, RIA established a series of action strategies to reduce the maximum permitted speed, prioritise pedestrian mobility and reinforce transversal connections. The guidelines also foresaw the improvement of accessibility and the provision of a green strip in which, accompanying throughout the project, vegetation and public furniture would be placed.

led to the tendering of the execution project by the Consellería de Infraestructuras y Movilidad (Department of Infrastructures and Mobility), which was assigned in 2021 to Naos and TECYP and approved last week. This decision gives the green light to the tendering of the works, which are expected to start this autumn.

The study developed by RIA in 2018 taking the nucleus of Palmeira as a pilot project for urban regeneration also laid the groundwork for intervention strategies replicable in other locations and even in other points of the AC-305.

Therefore, since 2020, continuing this line of work, Fundación RIA is participating in a collaboration agreement with the Consellería de Infraestructuras y Movilidad to carry out another five studies along the AC-305 in the towns of Taragoña, Boiro, Escarabote, A Pobra do Caramiñal and Coroso, in those areas where there is greater conflict between road traffic and pedestrian traffic.

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Fundación RIA, in collaboration with AXI, will hold two participatory sessions on the AC-305 road on its way through the coastal towns of Escarabote and Coroso