One thousand new trees in Araño’s forest

31 March 2024

Last week, students of the IES Félix Muriel de Rianxo—along with the collaboration of the Community of Montes del Araño—carried out a planting of a thousand leafy and fruit trees in O Montiño (parish of O Araño), as part of their Monte Vivo project.

This planting by the students—mostly chestnut, oak, cork oak and holly trees—promotes sustainable forest planning among young people, reversing the invasive growth of eucalyptus plantations. The day also included the release of a red kite that had been treated at the wildlife recovery center.

The activity was part of the Monte Vivo project, which the Rianxo high school launched two years ago with a process of transformation of the schoolyard, which had been surrounded by fire in March 2019. Since then, the center implements numerous actions to link educational practice with the territory and communities, favoring a more active and participatory learning model.

It is an initiative that began alone but that in 2021 received the impulse and recognition of the Laboratorio Ecosocial do Barbanza—project coordinated by the Fundación RIA—, when one of its proposals turned out to be one of the three initiatives financed by the call for Seed Projects. Since then, it receives the support and collaboration of the Laboratorio Ecosocial do Barbanza.

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